The Revenge of Little Boy Blue – Pt.3

This is the third and final part of this look at Superboy. Fast-forward to 2006 and the 7-issue mini-series Infinite Crisis. Following the murder of Maxwell Lord by Wonder Woman, Earth and the entire universe descend into a state of chaos. Observing this from the distance of a separate “heavenly dimension” are four beings who have been living in a paradise-like setting for what seems … Continue reading The Revenge of Little Boy Blue – Pt.3

The Revenge of Little Boy Blue – Pt. 2

In part 1 of this article, I described how as a fan of both the Supergirl and Superboy characters and that before reading “Crisis of Infinite Earths” (COIE), I was prepared for the death of Supergirl, having seen the iconic cover of COIE #7. However, I was confused when Superboy suddenly appeared in COIE#10. He just showed up saying “Please… I’m Superboy from Earth-Prime. You’ve … Continue reading The Revenge of Little Boy Blue – Pt. 2

The Revenge of Little Boy Blue – Pt. 1

{I was hoping to have this article completed

by Superman’s 80th birthday but could not finish it in time.

So, to get it out today I have split it into different posts}

Back in the day — that is the Silver Age… the Sixties — I was not much of a Superman fan, but I loved to read Superboy and Supergirl stories. These were two characters living in different times, but they were living in very similar circumstances. As a kid, I found these two to be relatable compared to Superman.

Both Superboy and Supergirl lived in isolation, away from the mainstream of DC Universe. Superboy’s circumstances were much more complicated than that of Super Girl, but she lived under some rather severe constraints. Constraints that were placed upon her by her older cousin, Superman. He had forbidden her from ever appearing in public as Supergirl. This was at least the situation from her initial appearance in 1959 and for two years following.

Action Comics #252 (May 1959)

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