Batman & Catwoman Got Married – Once upon a time, Batman and Catwoman got married and they had a daughter – her name was Helena Wayne and she was Huntress. But wait! Didn’t Batman (Bruce Wayne) and Catwoman (Selena Kyle) get married just this past week in Batman #50 (July 2018)? No. No, they did not. At least that is what I heard tell the New … Continue reading Huntress

Power Girl

Here another “first” that I recently “discovered”. In the 1970’s, the world needed a plus-size super hero and Power Girl came to the rescue weighing in at 30 pounds heavier than her Earth-One counter-part, Super Girl. Also, a cousin of Superman, Kara Zar-el first appeared in All Star Comics #58 (1976) and in 1978 she got her first cover in Showcase #97. Her origin story … Continue reading Power Girl

Date Night

At the end of the Justice League of America issue #7 (Oct 1961), the members of the league go out on dates with their sweethearts. A couple of these “partners” are well known, but some of the others are a little obscure and I wanted to know if I could locate their back-stories and add to my collection of digital comics. Figure 1 – Justice … Continue reading Date Night