The Return of the Legion of Super-heroes

Issue #1 of the new Legion of Super-heroes has dropped and for those not familiar with the significance of this superhero team, the LSH were a unique group created in the early days of the silver age of comic books which was roughly the 1960s. They first appeared in Adventure Comics #247 (April 1958) and soon became a regular feature following Superboy in each issue. … Continue reading The Return of the Legion of Super-heroes

Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes

The book, published August 2017, is 329 pages and contains 24 stories about one of the most popular superhero groups in the history of superhero comics. It all started with yet another Superboy story that was perhaps a bit more innovative than most and as it turned out more popular than many. The Legion of Super-Heroes (LSH) has been described as a very clever title … Continue reading Silver Age Legion of Super-Heroes

Atom & Jean

In the early days of the Silver Age, most of the superheroes had significant others who supposedly were unaware that their beau was the costumed super person who occasionally showed up and was never in the same room as their guy (or gal, in the case of Diana Prince and Steve Trevor). Some girlfriends turned bad and went rogue, for example, Carol Ferris becomes Star … Continue reading Atom & Jean

He’s Just Not That into You

Batman (1989) starring Michael Keaton will be thirty-years-old this month. When I think about superhero movies, I wonder how many fans of superhero movies actually read comic books. My sense is that only a very small percentage of fans of superhero movies are also comic book readers. Mind you I am not criticizing fans of the genre. My commentary is directed towards the cinematic-style itself. … Continue reading He’s Just Not That into You