The Death of Hawkgirl

How many times has Hawkgirl died? Let me count some of the ways… Warning: it is complicated. In Flash Comics #1 (1940), at the very beginning of “The Hawkman” saga, Shiera, an Egyptian Princess, is stabbed to death by the villain Hath-Set. Thus, launches the cyclical reincarnations of both Shiera and Carter and over the course of seventy years, Hawkgirl has been killed off many … Continue reading The Death of Hawkgirl

The Return of Hawkgirl?

Is the return of Hawkgirl imminent? In Dark Nights: Metal #5 (Jan 2018), Wonder Woman tries to smack some sense into Kendra Saunders (aka Hawkgirl). Kendra seems to respond in a positive manner. Seven years ago, the Hawkgirl character was turned into an elemental spirit in “Brightest Day” and has not been seen since 2011 within the main continuity. Although, Kendra has been in the … Continue reading The Return of Hawkgirl?

Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes

Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes – In a previous post regarding Dark Nights: Metal #2, I asked the question: If Kendra Saunders (Lady Blackhawk) is not hosting the soul of her departed great-aunt Shiera Saunders, then what happened to Shiera? or better yet, why is Kendra talking about Shiera’s past lives with Carter Hall as if it were her own past lives? She … Continue reading Metal: Watch the Color of Kendra’s Eyes

The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 12

This is a follow-up to the 11-part series that I wrote on the History of Hawkgirl which covered her appearances in the 1940s. After finishing the series, I was going to continue the narrative right off with focusing on the Earth-2 Hawkgirl who reappeared in the late 1970s almost 30 years after she was last seen in 1948. Before I went to begin on the … Continue reading The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 12

Convergence: Hawkgirl Found

Convergence: Hawkgirl Found – I just finished reading parts of the Convergence (2015) series. The series consists of the main story in 9 issues (#0-8) and a whole slew of two issue series that each explored a subplot in the Convergence storyline. These two-issue books were categorized based on different eras in the history of the DC multiverse. One of the categories was the Pre-Crisis … Continue reading Convergence: Hawkgirl Found

When’s Dinner Ready?

“Honey, while you cook dinner, I’m just gonna slip out for a moment and rescue Superman (again).” “The Secret Society of Super Villains” #7 (June 1977) – In the time, it takes Hawkman to whip up a pot of Thanagarian goulash, Hawkgirl and Captain Comet fly down from the Hawk’s spaceship to Sapporo, Japan to rescue an actor who is portraying Superman in a movie. … Continue reading When’s Dinner Ready?

DC Comics Present “Don’t Tell My Husband”

I recently acquired a comic book from the very early Eighties in ‘very fine’ condition. It is DC Comics Presents… {Superman and Hawkgirl} #37 (September 1981). In the story titled “The Stars, Like Moths…!”, Superman and Hawkgirl learn that Superman’s great-grandfather came to Earth over 100 years ago. He was able to establish an underground laboratory in Colorado, and create a gateway between Earth’s universe … Continue reading DC Comics Present “Don’t Tell My Husband”

She’s Back!

She’s Back! – The most recent Hawkgirl died, I think it was in 2011, before the New 52, and I hoped that the character was going to return when Rebirth was launched summer 2016. Given that the origin story for Carter and Shiera involved cycles of reincarnation, I figured it would be something along the lines of the “Return of Hawkman” story-arc in the JSA … Continue reading She’s Back!