Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #98

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover. To date, 216 books have been collected. Presented for your approval are four issues from the current Justice League series. Some of these I have recently reviewed after reading in digital format and am now adding to the collection in print format.

Justice League #23A (July 2019) NM $3.99

The Sixth Dimension: Part 4 of 6 – Written by Scott Snyder. Art and Cover by Jorge Jimenez. ‘The Sixth Dimension’ chapter four! Our heroes have been banished to the prison planet of villains by the World Forger. Stuck with no way of escape, the team hatches a plan to defeat the World Forger and get back to their dimension with the help of a new ally, but where is Superman?! 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99. Grade: Near Mint

Justice League #30B (October 2019) NM $4.99

Written by James Tynion IV and Scott Snyder. Art by Jorge Jimenez. Cover by Jay Anacleto. The ‘Justice Doom War’ starts here! The Lex Luthor the League has known and fought is no more, replaced by an apex predator version of Lex, powered by Perpetua with a goal of bringing tragedy to the DC Universe. Now that Lex has powered up villains across the cosmos, he marshals his own troops, sparking a war between the Legion of Doom and the Justice League that will span space, time and the Multiverse itself. This is the start of the next big Justice League event, with consequences affecting ‘DC’s Year of the Villain’ and beyond! 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $4.99. Grade: Near Mint

Justice League #35B (January 2020) NM $3.99

Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV. Art by Francis Manapul. Cover by Tyler Kirkham. This issue: Lex Luthor wins! Everything Lex has been working for over the past year and a half comes to fruition as he finally possesses the fully powered Totality and plans to bend Hypertime to his will. The Legion of Doom’s leader will defeat the Justice League once and for all and make his final pitch to serve at Perpetua’s side-and the Multiverse will never be the same! 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99. Grade: Near Mint

Justice League #36A (January 2020) NM $3.99

Year of the Villain Tie-In – Justice/Doom War: Part 7 of 9 – Written by Scott Snyder. Art by Francis Manapul (pages 1-13, 18-20) and Howard Porter (pages 14-17). Cover by Francis Manapul. How powerful is too powerful? Lex Luthor has assembled everything he needs to complete his plan of turning the world toward doom, including reviving the ancient goddess Perpetua and restoring her powers. But can he keep Perpetua from dragging the DC Universe into the abyss alongside the rest of the Multiverse? This is a question that hero and villain alike must ask, as the epic battle between the Justice League and the Legion of Doom across space and time comes crashing together. Everything that happens here sets the stage for the senses-shattering finale of the Justice/Doom War-and the fate of all existence hangs in the balance! 32 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.99. Grade: Near Mint

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