Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection #93

Justice League of America #12C (October 2007) VF $4.00

The second series to bear the title Justice League of America ran from 2006 to 2011 for a total of 60 issues. Issue #12C was a limited-edition variant cover that depicts the Justice League team at that point in time. Hawkgirl had been with the Justice Society of America but came over to the Justice League and was a member of the team up to at least issue #30.

Cover by Michael Turner

In the story titled “Monitor Duty” written by Brad Meltzer and drawn by Ed Benes and Eric Wight, we witness a day in the life of the Justice League of America. At different points in the story, there are a few interesting reveals regarding Hawkgirl (a.k.a. Kendra Saunders).

In one scene we learn that Kendra’s daughter is dead. It is not clear, but this appears to refer to her daughter Mia who was introduced in JSA: All Stars Vol. 1 #2. Although, there is no editorial note as to when this death occured. At sixteen, Kendra became pregnant and gave her daughter up for adoption. This event in her life was one of the factors in her attempted suicide at age nineteen.

Red Tornado’s comment about a League database, makes Kendra curious and taking a peek at the records for one of her co-workers, she learns that Red Arrow has a daughter. Kendra cannot help wanting to play mommy.

During this period Hawkgirl is in a relationship with Red Arrow (a.k.a. Roy Harper), the protégé/sidekick of Green Arrow. He is a character that was introduced back in the 1940s and then he was known as Speedy. Currently, Green Arrow is not a member of the team. However, Black Canary is, and she has maternal feelings for Roy who was orphaned at an early age and became a drug addict in his teens. In one scene, Dinah warns Kendra not to hurt Roy.

Later Red Tornado walks in on Roy and Kendra fooling around in Roy’s bedroom. It is a good thing it was not Hawkman walking in.

From the solicitation:
Limited Edition Variant Cover by Michael Turner. Written by Brad Meltzer Art by Ed Benes, Sandra Hope and Eric Wight. Brad’s Meltzer’s fantastic run on the JLA concludes with a shocking cliffhanger! ‘Monitor Duty’ is an amazing day in the lives of the world’s greatest heroes, as only the League’s artist Ed Benes could envision! Cover price $3.50. Grade: Very Fine