Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection Update #81

Super-Team Family #3 (February 1976) FN $4.49

Cover by Frank Brunner

This is yet another comic from the 1970’s where Hawkgirl does not appear on the cover, but she does appear within. She does not appear as Hawkgirl but rather as her secret identity, Shayera Hol.

Although she does not appear on the cover, we do see what appears to be a gorilla dressed as Hawkman wrestling with the Flash, who, by the way, turns out to be total jerk.

This is Super-Team Family #3 from 1976.

Super-Team Family was an short-lived series published by DC comics from 1975 to 1978 for total of 15 issues. Each issue contained a mix of new stories and reprints. This series was part of the initiative by DC Comics in the mid-70s to beat out their competitor Marvel. The DC Explosion was a plan to overtake Marvel by using its own strategy. DC’s expansion actually began in earnest in 1975, when the company debuted 12 titles in the spring and summer, followed by four more titles by the end of the year. DC added 14 titles in 1976 and four more in 1977.

Superteam family was canceled in 1978 along with approximately 30 other titles.

While not on the cover, Hawkgirl does appear as her alter identity Shayera Hol in the first story in this issue.

In the prologue to the story titled Gorilla My Dreams, we witness a placid domestic scene where Shayera (Hawkgirl) Hol and her husband Katar (Hawkman) Hol are back on their home planet of Thanagar. We see them in a very lush garden dressed as Hawkgirl and Hawkman without their masks. Their costumes – the uniforms that they wear – are the uniforms of police officers on the planet Thanagar.

Script by Steve Skeates, pencils by Ric Estrada, inks by Wally Wood

Suddenly the calm of this tranquil scene is shattered by the sight of large armored creatures coming at them from out of the sky. Katar wrestles with the leader of the group knocking his helmet off it is revealed that he is in giant ape. This giant ape dressed in armor, grasps Shayera in his mighty arms. She screams “Katar, help me… cannot break free… he’s…” With her voice trailing off, we see in the next panel that she is waking from a nightmare.

She tells her husband, who is presumably in the bed next to her, that she has just had a dream that the plague was now over on Thanagar. This is in reference to events in JLA #117 (see The Great Equalizer).

Reaching over to touch her husband she feels a very hairy arm. To her fright, she discovers that her husband has been turned into a gorilla. He knocks her over and runs out of the room.

Shaken but not enough to stop her, Shayera rushes into the next room and sees that her husband has been transformed into a gorilla. He is wearing a Hawkman uniform complete with wings. She tries to stop him but he smacks her out of the way and escapes from the building by crashing through a window. Shayera realizes that this creature is the super-gorilla Grodd.

Grodd, a villain from Gorilla City has been known for a long time as a foe of the Flash. When Shayera goes to get her Hawkgirl outfit from her closet, she finds that it has been completely shredded and that her anti gravity belt has been broken. So she leaves for Central City, home of Barry (the Flash) Allen, just as little-old Shayera Hall.

Arriving at Barry Allen’s home in Central City, she is met by Barry’s wife, the former Iris West. Meeting Iris, leaves Shayera feeling very awkward. She senses that Iris is watching her as she waits for Barry. She is suspicious and possibly jealous of her. When Barry arrives and Shayera greets him, Iris lashes out at Barry Allen and this causes Barry to turn his anger to Shayera.

Shayera then pleads with a very angry Barry Allen to assist her in rescuing her husband from his transformation into gorilla Grodd. This is 1976 folks, what can I say?

Shayera attempts to help the Flash but he brushes her aside as he beams up to the JLA satellite

Arriving aboard the JLA satellite (22,300 miles above the Earth), Barry decides to start things off by angering Black Canary with a sexist comment (or at least as it was from Dinah’s perspective). For whatever reason Dinah is in a bad mood, the Flash could have handled things in the better way but instead he storms off shouting “You can’t live with them, and you can’t live without them.”

From that point on the story transcends into total chaos.


However, I will not spoil how the Flash fought and rescued Hawkman from his gorilla transformation.

In the end, Iris West realized that Shayera only had eyes for Shayera’s husband Katar.

Being the total jerk that he is, when Iris leans into kiss him on the cheek, Barry’s response is to exclaim, “Hey, what’s that for?”

From the solicitation: The Flash and Hawkman battle Gorilla Grodd in “Gorilla My Dreams” (script by Steve Skeates, pencils by Ric Estrada, inks by Wally Wood). Reprints: Aquaman and Green Arrow in “The Manhunt on Land” (art by Ramona Fradon and Lee Elias); Superman and Batman star in “The Superman-Batman Split” (script by Cary Bates, art by Neal Adams). Captain Marvel stars in a one-page Hostess ad, “The Cup Cake Caper.” Frank Brunner cover. Cover price $0.50. Grade: Fine