TPBs and Hardcovers

In addition to collecting covers upon which Hawkgirl appears, I collect trade paperback books and hardcovers most of which have been given to me as gifts.

Before I started collecting comic books, I first started collecting the trade paperback series Showcase Presents…

Here is what Wikipedia says about Showcase Presents: “[It] is a line of black-and-white paperback books published by DC Comics. Each book usually includes over 500 pages of reprints, primarily from the Silver Age. A Showcase Presents volume carries the suggested retail price of US$16.99 (increased to $17.99 in September 2009) and is usually devoted to one character, “reprint[ing] all of their adventures in sequential order via cover date,” or occasionally to a specific title such as “Showcase” rather than individual.”

For example, “Showcase Presents Hawkman vol. 1” contains all Hawkman comics published between 1961 and 1964. Vol. 2 has the books from 1964 to 1968. All in black & white.

As the article says, The Showcase Presents books normally retail for $17.99. On occasion, when I have selected “buy options” on Amazon, I have found the books selling Used-Very Good for less than $10. I found books New for a little over $10. So far, I have collected a little over two dozen of the series. Shown below is the cover of Showcase Presents… Metal Men. This is one of only two books that I have that shows any sort of damage on the cover. All the rest of the books that I have purchased used are like new or used good condition.

The Golden Age of DC Comics 1935-1956

by Paul Levitz

This next one was a remarkable find. It is titled The Golden Age of DC Comics 1935-1956 by Paul Levitz. The book is 661 pages and is a rather hefty book published by Taschen on a heavy glossy paper. It is page after page of beautiful covers and interiors of comic books popular in the 1940s and 1950s. There is an entire section of the book that describe the printing process used in making comic books in the 1940s.

Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Volume 1

by Marv Wolfman
Hardcover – 512 Pages

When I finally got around to reading Crisis on Infinite Earths, I thought that there were only 12 issues in the series and that was it. What I did not know is that there were roughly 40 crossover issues; some of which contained information important to the main story. I figured that out when I read DC comics presents #87 – where Superman met Superboy-prime.

Last year someone gave me as a gift Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Volume 1. This carefully restored and meticulously recolored, Crisis on Infinite Earths Companion Deluxe Edition Vol. 1 collects DC Comics Presents #78, All-Star Squadron #50-60, The Fury of Firestorm #41-42 and Green Lantern #194-198. This historic first volume features an introduction by Crisis on Infinite Earths writer Marv Wolfman and essays by Crisis associate editor Robert Greenberger and All-Star Squadron co-creator, editor and writer Roy Thomas, with a brand-new chronological timeline for the event by Greenberger.

Justice Society of America: a Celebration of 75 Years

Published by DC Comics

When I was a kid growing up, I had almost no knowledge of the group that called themselves Justice Society of America. Of course, I knew of the Justice League of America, but I did not get that there was this older group, from a generation ago, from a time called the Golden age, that contained superheroes and mystery men who originated the whole superhero versus costumed criminal genre. But now that I do know that, it opens a whole new world, especially when those works of art from 80 years ago have been so carefully preserved and reprinted.

From their origin in 1940, to their revival in 1976, to their shake-up in the 1980s, to their near destruction in the 1990s, and finally to their second revival in 1999 and into the moderna age, this collection is a entertaining education into the history of DC Comics as seen through the eyes of the original super-hero team.

From their first momentous team up by Gardner Fox and Everett E. Hibbard, to their modern member rosters by David Goyer and Geoff Jonns, JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA: A CELEBRATION OF 75 YEARS collects stories that unite DC Comics heroes over time and throughout the ages, from such legendary talents as Roy Thomas, Dennis O’Neil, Paul Levitz, Robert Kanigher, James Robsinson, and more!

Here are some other books I received from family and friends.

DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman

by S.D. Perry (Author), Matthew Manning (Author), Ming Doyle (Illustrator)

Concerned about the threat that so-called “metahumans” may pose to the world, Batman has begun compiling a detailed dossier on their incredible physiology and abilities. From villains like Killer Croc, Bane, and Brainiac, to Batman’s own comrades, including Superman and Cyborg, the file brings together the Dark Knight’s fascinating personal theories on the unique anatomical composition of these formidable individuals.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia – the Definitive Guide the Characters of the DC Universe

by Matthew K Manning and Alex are buying hardcover 368 pages publisher DK

Created in full collaboration with DC Comics, this comprehensive reference book has The Washington Post saying, “The DC Comics Encyclopedia is a must.” Formatted in an easy-to use A-to-Z layout, this guide is packed with information and thrilling comic book art and features more than 1,100 characters including Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, and much more.

DC Comics Cover Girls

by Louisa Simonson, forward by Adam Hughes 209 pages

From the trailblazing Wonder Woman of the 1940s to edgy, girl-power-driven comics series like Birds of Prey, DC Comics Covergirls takes a look at the female characters of DC Comics throughout the company’s history, and features many of DC Comics’ iconic comic book covers. Written by renowned comic book writer Louise Simonson, the book examines the evolution of the comic book women of DC Comics: the 1942 introduction of the most famous DC heroine, Wonder Woman, and her various incarnations up to the present; the creation of comic book spin-offs based on characters such as Lois Lane; and the recent wealth of fierce, female character-driven comics such as Supergirl, Birds of Prey, Batgirl, and Catwoman.