Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection Update #58

Justice Society of America (3rd Series) Annual #1 (Sep 2008) FN $2.20

Here is an update of the Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection. I collect comic books and only ones with Hawkgirl on the cover. To date, 188 covers have been collected. The new addition is one that I missed in my initial research. Hawkgirl is hidden somewhere on the cover and I only caught this when I recently read the three volumes that collect the 18-issue “Thy Kingdom Come” story-line written by Geoff Johns and illustrated by Dale Eaglesham and Alex Ross. In the collection, all the covers appear without any of the text that appears on the single issues. With the text, Hawkgirl is hidden behind the “CE” in “Justice” and the “TY” in “Society”. See below for the “reveal”.

Cover Artist: Alex Ross

The photo-realistic cover, beautifully painted by Alex Ross depicts the Earth-2 members of the Justice Society Infinity welcoming home the long-missing cousin of Earth-2’s Superman. Power Girl (aka Karen Starr) is surrounded by Robin, Huntress, and members of the Justice Society of America and Infinity, Inc. Hovering high above the action is the Earth-2 version of Hawkgirl wearing the costume created by Joe Kubert in the 1940s.

From the solicitation: One World Under Gog: Part 3 of 11 – Story continued from Justice Society of America (2006 3rd Series) #17 – Written by Geoff Johns Art by Jerry Ordway Cover by Alex Ross ‘Welcome to Earth-2!’ Power Girl has made a life for herself on our world, as a member and chairwoman of the Justice Society of America and as a hero in her own right. But she’s never stopped dreaming of one day returning to her Earth – the parallel world where the members of the Justice Society were the only heroes. Where her best friend was Helena Wayne, the daughter of Batman. And where evil was a little easier to fight…wasn’t it? As her greatest wish comes true, Power Girl’s about to find herself back on Earth-2, surrounded by friends she thought she’d lost forever. 48 pg, FC NOTE: Story continues in Justice Society of America (2006 3rd Series) #18. Cover price $3.99. Grade: Fine