Installing DC Universe on Fire TV stick

{UPDATE: On Christmas Eve, I discovered that the DC Universe app was now available for download on Amazon Fire TV Stick. However, I have not found the app for my Fire Tablet.}

One of the things that bother me about the new DC Universe streaming service is that since its debut at the beginning of September, they have yet to come out with an app for either the Amazon Fire Tablet or for Amazon Fire TV stick; both of which I have. When I got my first Fire Tablet a few years ago, I went through the process of installing Google PlayStore on my Amazon Fire Tablet, thus, allowing me to install the DC Universe app. On my smart TV, I have Google Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV stick. Yet, it is only with the Google Chromecast that I am able to cast the movies, TV series, animated series, and even the comic books on DC Universe from either my tablet or from my laptop. On Fire TV there are many streaming apps such as Netflix, CBS All Access, Starz, Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, and the list goes on. Yet since September, there is still not an app for the new DC Universe streaming service.

In my office, connected to my PC monitor, I have a second Fire TV stick. One recent afternoon, I spent a few hours attempting to install Google Play Store, YouTube TV, and finally DC Universe.

Following instructions that I found on the internet I attempted to install Google Play Store. The product was installed but it would never load.

Then I found instructions for installing YouTube TV and was successful installing it. The instructions were a little garbled but eventually I figured it out and was able to finally get a program to load; however, there were sync issues with the video and audio. The audio being behind the video by a few seconds.

The solution for installing DC Universe on a Fire TV stick was much simpler than I had imagined. It was only necessary to install one application to get DC Universe installed and working. That application is called Aptoide. It is installed by following these instructions at the end of which you have a Google Play Store look-alike installed on your Fire TV stick from which you can select from a variety of applications to install – one of those apps is DC Universe.

Unlike the YouTube TV app that I installed, DC Universe worked flawlessly from the beginning. All I needed to do was to establish my credentials in the application. Now I can watch DC Universe in my office using the Fire TV stick that I have connected to my desktop monitor.

Here is how I got it working:

  1. Go into Fire TV Settings and select either “Device” or “System”. Then in Developer Options, enable Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Go back to home screen of Fire TV stick and install the free application Downloader from Amazon App Store (weblink).
  3. Open Downloader and input the following download URL into the address location for downloading apps.
  4. Install the Aptoide program.
  5. Open Aptoide and search for DC Universe.
  6. Install the DC Universe app.