The first episode of the new DC Universe series Titans aired today. It was dark, violent, and the language was raw, but the story that I saw unfolding made it seem appropriate. The series airs every Friday on the new DC Universe streaming service.

So far, we have met Dick (Nightwing), Rachel (Raven), Kory (Starfire), and Garfield (Beast Boy). I wonder if there will be a Cyborg or a Wonder Girl, or other former Titans in the future.

I know that Hawk and Dove show up in the second episode. Fun Fact: the pair were members of the Teen Titans in 1970, a decade before Raven and Starfire came on the scene.

I am huge fan of the Teen Titans – the New Teen Titans series of the 1980s, the “Teen Titans” animated series of the 2000s, and Cartoon Network’s “Teen Titans Go!”. There is a lot about these characters that many people, of all ages, can relate to. My favorite Titan character is Raven, who in the new series is played by Teagan Croft. Like Raven, I am an not only an introvert, but also an empath.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!