Don’t Pull Your Love

The other night I watched the DC Universe animated feature “Batman and Harley Quinn” (2017) and I thought it was great until one confusing scene came in the middle. It was a scene where Harley has Batman and Nightwing take her to a roadhouse outside of Gotham, so she could get some vital information.batman_harley

Yet, the scene seemed more like a way to fill ten-minutes running time. The whole sequence was poorly animated compared to the rest of the movie which overall reminded me of one the best cartoon series ever, “Batman: The Animated Series” that ran on Fox and WB from 1992 to 1995.

The scene primarily involved a bunch of dancers repeating the same movements over again, plus a random song was thrown in for good measure.

Veteran voice actor and singer, Rob Paulsen, who among other roles was at one time the voice of Pinky in “Pinky and Brain” and Yakko Warner from the Animaniacs, sang a song that was a hit when I was sophomore in high school in the early seventies. Providing the voice of twin Two-Face henchmen, Min and Max, Paulsen sang “Don’t Pull Your Love” which was a hit song recorded in 1971 by a soft-rock group from LA known as “Hamilton, Joe Frank, and Reynolds“.

The question is “Why?” (See below for song that I would have picked)

I found the scene on YouTube and also the original group performing their one-hit-wonder. Warning the song may get stuck in your head for 72 hours or more.

Here is what I think to be a more appropriate early 70’s soft-rock hit that I would like to dedicate to Harley Quinn.