There is Something Different About Hawkgirl

There is something different about Hawkgirl. The role of the character still belongs to Kendra Saunders, but Kendra has changed in very special way… she has become a meta-human.

The clues were there… For example, what did the Joker say to Duke Thomas in Darks Days: The Casting #1 (2017)? He told him that the cause of meta-humans was their having Nth metal in their blood. He told him that this is how Batman discovered that Duke Thomas was a meta-human. He did this by watching for a flag raised by hospitals when a child is born with Nth metal detected in their blood.

Later, when the Justice League encountered Kendra (Lady Blackhawk) at Challenger’s Mountain after she explained that there existed a dark multiverse, the topic turned to Nth metal. When Batman stole a sliver of Nth metal, Kendra and the Blackhawks pulled their weapons on him, it was here that Kendra revealed that she had destroyed her wings. When I read that, I am thinking: No Wings! No Hawkgirl! This was in Dark Nights: Metal #1 (2017-)

Then she had to go eat the astral brain of the Anti-Monitor…

There was the meeting of the Immortals at the Legion of Doom headquarters and Kendra was given orders to take the Anti-Monitor’s astral brain and fire it through the core of the multiverse at the rock of eternity and destroy the dark multi-verse once and for all. “It shall be done,” said the Great Wizard.

The entire time Kendra was very cryptic and spoke of feeling as if Barbatos was in her bones. [cf. Dark Nights: Metal #4 (2017-)]

Yet instead of doing as she was ordered, she ate the Anti-Monitor’s brain. Was it accidental or on purpose that she took a bite out of the brain of the entity who tried to destroy all reality during the 1985 Crisis on Infinite Earths? Perhaps Wonder Woman pushed her? [cf. Dark Nights: Metal #4 (2017-)]

Within moments after she bites into the brain and splattered Wonder Woman with blood, Kendra transmogrified into a Dark-Hawk form called Lady Blackhawk.

At first, she was a menace to Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate, but then the Amazon princess used her Lasso of Truth on the Dark-Hawk. This caused Kendra to suddenly remember all the details of her life, but also of her past lives including the life of great aunt, Shiera Hall.

Now in Justice League #2 (July 2018), Kendra tells us that her wings are no longer feathers but that they are metal, and they are growing out of her back.

Wow! What is next for Hawkgirl? I find it significant that for a change, Hawkgirl appears front and center on a cover.