New for Hawkgirl/Covergirl Collection 1

A few months ago, I first learned about variant covers when I discovered the variant “B” for Justice League of America v. 2 #5 (February 2007). It took me like three tries to get this cover. I put this cover on a wait-list. Each time I was notified that an issue was available, I had just put in an order and I wanted to wait at least a couple of weeks before putting in a new order. Then each time I went to order again, the issue was sold-out. I need to remember “A bird in the hand…”

Justice League of America v. 2  #5-B (February 2007)

Also, adding the most recent appearance of Hawkgirl on a DC Universe-continuity cover.

Justice League (2018-) #1 (July 2018)