Batgirl: New Look

Batgirl is getting a fresh look and I am not happy. I liked the old new Batgirl.

Looks like Batgirl v.6 is going back to the classic look that was pre-Batgirl v.5.

Batgirl has been around for fifty years, but it was not until the year 2000 that she got her own title. She first appeared on the cover of Detective Comics #359 in January 1967.

And throughout the history of the first 4 series, her look stayed fairly consistent with the original look that was developed by longtime Batman artist, Carmine Infantino.

Here she is in Batgirl v.4 Annual #1 (2011) – artists Admira Wijaya & Daniel Sampere

This past winter I read the entire canon of Batgirl v.4 (2011-2016) by using my library card to check-out digital copies of TPB collections of the 52-issue series at Hoopla. This was followed by the first 11 issues of Batgirl v.5 (2016-2018). I particularly enjoyed the variety of the several artists who worked the series.

In 2016, the DC Rebirth version (vol. 5) of Batgirl gave the character an entirely new look. It was a look that I found to be refreshing and I thought was perfect for this character.

There were several artists who worked on Batgirl v.5. Here are a few examples.

The variant cover for #1 was drawn by Francis Manapul.

Rafael Albuquerque drew issue #1 and up to issue #7.

Chris Wildgoose drew issue #8 and others.

Batgirl #12 was drawn by Eleonora Carlini.

Sami Basri drew Batgirl #18.

My favorite Batgirl v.5 artist was the most recent, Minkyu Jung.

I leave you with a view of the beautiful variant for issue #23 drawn by Joshua Middleton

I think that when I have completed the Hawkgirl/Covergirl collection, I might collect Batgirl v.5 (2016-2018) 23-issues.