Adventure Comics #416

Here is a peek inside one of the books that I recently acquired:

Adventure Comics #416 (March 1972) GD 2.0 $12.00

This issue was also known DC 100 Pages Super Spectacular #10. There were 22 super spectaculars published between 1971 to 1973. This cover honors the world’s greatest super-females with a wrap-around cover that shows 19 selected female DC characters standing in a V-formation with Wonder Woman on one end and Hawkgirl on the other end. This is significant because Hawkgirl and Wonder Woman have been around the longest. The book is rated “good 2.0” and there is some slight tearing on the lower part of the binding.

The book has a wraparound cover…

There is a key inside the back-cover.

From left to right: Hawkgirl, Thorn, Platinum Girl, Zatanna, Big Barda, Beautiful Dreamer, Star Sapphire (Carol Ferris), Liberty Belle, Lilith, Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Merry – Girl of a Thousand Gimmicks, The Enchantress, Dumb Bunny, Phantom Lady, Cheetah, Harlequin, Batgirl, Black Canary, & Wonder Woman.

Here is a closer look at Hawkgirl on the back-cover

The table of contents lists three Supergirl stories, a lengthy Wonder Woman piece from the 1940s, the first showing of Black Canary in a Johnny Thunder story from Flash Comics #86 (August 1947), and so much more.

Supergirl: “The Untold Story of Argo City” is reprinted from Action Comics #309 (Feb 1964)

Supergirl: “Supergirl’s Rival Parents” is reprinted from Action Comics #310 (Mar 1964)

Johnny Thunder: “The Black Canary” is reprinted from Flash Comics #86 (Aug 1947). This marks the first appearance of Black Canary.

Wonder Woman: “Villainy, Incorporated” is reprinted from Wonder Woman #28 (Apr 1948)

Phantom Lady: “Mystery of the Black Cat” is reprinted from Police Comics #17 (Mar 1943). Sandra Knight puts on a skimpy outfit with no mask and yet no one seems to recognize her as the daughter of a US senator. Phantom Lady started out as a Quality Comics character and first appeared in Police Comics #1 (August 1941). This gives Phantom Lady a few months seniority over Wonder Woman, who first appeared in December 1941.

Merry, Girl of 1,000 Gimmicks: “The Duel of the Gimmicks” is reprinted from Star-Spangled Comics #90 (March 1949)

Supergirl: “The Black Magic of Supergirl” story is reprinted from Action Comics #324 (May 1965)