Yet Another Cover

It seems as if each week I discover yet another Hawkgirl/Covergirl cover and it is always in a round-about way. This evening I finally got around to reading the second Hawkman series. This would be the 17-issue series of 1985/87. In issues 8 through 11, the Hawks are battling a secret group of fellow Thanagarians who are plotting to take over the planet Earth. In issue #10, Superman shows up to help the Hawks battle Darkwing, Byth Rok and other invaders. The action continues in Action Comics #588 (May 1987) and I just so happen to have this issue.

On page 8, there is a reference to “Who’s Who” #3

I did some searching at and I found listed several Who’s Whos. I figured they must mean Who’s Who: The Definitive Directory of the DC Universe. This was a twenty-six issue limited series published by DC Comics from 1985-1987.

Sure enough, issue #10 from December 1985, hosts Hawkgirl on the front cover. Both the Earth-1 (Hawkwoman) and Earth-2 (Hawkgirl) have entries within. I hope to acquire this one in April along with a few leftovers from the Silver and Bronze Age