February Covers – Pt. 2

There was a cover that I just had to have, so I broke down and placed an extra, extra order of comic books for the month of February.

Wonder Woman #300 (February 1983) FN 6.0
The book I am referring is Wonder Woman #300 (February 1983). I mentioned this in a post yesterday and I told of how I discovered this book by accident while researching the back-story of Shiera Hall’s daughter-in-law, Lyta (Trevor) Hall (aka Fury). Lyta first appeared in Wonder Woman #300 in 1983. Lyta is introduced to Wonder Woman of Earth-1 as the teenage daughter of Wonder Woman of Earth-2 and her husband Steve Trevor. Lyta later married the son of Hawkgirl, Hector Hall. She was known as Fury and he was the successor to the first Doctor Fate. The couple appeared to have died in JSA #80 (February 2006). I was curious to see what the cover of WW #300 looked like, so I looked it up at the place where I buy my comic books. I found it listed as FN 6.0 for $3.00. There was a VFN for $8.30. I was a little bit surprised by the price, thinking that for a giant, 80-page, anniversary issue that the price would be higher.

Yet, I was even more surprised when I looked at the cover and I saw Hawkgirl on the front of this wrap-around cover. I know from my research that she is not listed in this issue at comicbookdb.com. They only list Wonder Woman #249, which I own already. Reading through WW #300, I cannot find HG on any of the pages.

Since I only paid three bucks for the WW cover, I decided to fill the order with five other gems for no more than a $1.70 each.

Since I believe my wish list to be current of all covers upon which Hawkgirl (or one of her identities) has appeared on between 1941 and 2011, I have decided not go in chronological order in placing my orders, but rather to choose the best-looking covers first.

Sensation Comics (May 1999) #1 VF
This is a comic book where Hawkgirl has equal billing with Wonder Woman and not only does she appear on the cover, but she appears on most of the pages. The story takes place during WWII somewhere in the Pacific. This is significant because Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl first met in All-Star Comics #11 (June 1942) on a ship bound for the Philippines.

Hawkman (May 2004) #26 FN
I am still working my way through this series and I have not yet read this issue. I am waiting for the next volumes of the collected editions of Hawkman by Geoff Johns, but this is definitely a unique look for Hawkgirl.

Hawkman (September 2004) #30 VF
I also have not read this issue, but this cover is one my absolute favorites. You know those gunmen do not stand a chance against Hawkgirl and her mace.

Hawkgirl (2006) #58 NM
Hawkgirl began publication in 2006 and the series continued the numbering sequence from Hawkman (Volume 4) starting with issue #50 and discontinuing with issue #66. I was not particularly fond of Howard Chaykin’s interpretation of Hawkgirl and most of the covers of the “Hawkgirl” series are not high my list. I do, however, really like this cover. It is a good example of Chaykin’s Hawkgirl but without the really rough edges. NM = Near Mint

Brightest Day (2010) #8A NM
Hawkgirl appears on the cover of ten out of the 24 issues of the epic mini-series that was published fortnightly in 2010. This was not the only solo cover that she appeared in connection with this series. She had a solo appearance on a tie-in series titled Justice League: Generation Lost (2010) – #8 Also, she and Hawkman are by themselves on three Brightest Day covers.