Hawkman: Found (2017-) #1

{SPOILER ALERT! This article discusses a recently published book}

The teaser for Hawkman: Found (2017-) #1 says “No one has seen or heard from Carter Hall—a.k.a. Hawkman—in years.”

Has it really been “years” or did he not just appear in the four issue mini-series “The Death of Hawkman” (Jan 2017). The time before that was in Brightest Day #24 June 2011 when Hawkgirl remained an air elemental. That would be six years since Hawkgirl was last seen alive.

Then there is a connection between Dark Nights: Metal and “Death…” – That connection is Nth metal.

In “The Death of Hawkman” #3, Adam and Hawkman discuss Thangarian mining operations. It is said that Thanagar is the only source of Nth metal. Hawkman says that Thanagar has mined all reserves but they recently discovered a new lode on Rygnor, Thanagar’s largest moon.

The main plot in “Death…” surrounds the super-villain, Despero and his insatiable desire for Nth metal.

Hawkgirl appears on the cover of Death of Hawkman #5… Why?

In issue #6, Adam Strange says something really stupid…

And Hawkman didn’t look so good…

Backing up to Metal #2, what was Kendra talking about a “brain”. She says to Vandal Savage and the other Immortals: “But if we use the Brain…”

…and then in Metal #4, we see Kendra doing something really weird with a brain. “The Immortals entrusted me,” she informs Wonder Woman and Dr. Fate.

I forgot that this was supposed to be a review of “Hawkman Found”.

Kendra does get a mention…

As you can guess by now, I am not saying anymore. That is how great the story is told in the one-shot “Hawkman Found!”.

Oh yeah, and this was on the back cover…