In Search of Star Sapphire – Pt. 2

In Search of Star Sapphire – Pt. 2 – The silver age comic book character, “Star Sapphire” first appeared in 1962 in Green Lantern #16. Her next appearance was ten-issues later in January 1964. She appeared on the cover of Green Lantern #26 as drawn by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson.

In the Gardner Fox story titled “Star Sapphire unmasks Green Lantern!”, Carol Ferris goes to the Coast City police station where she sees on display the sapphire stone that Green Lantern found in the desert at the end of issue #16. The sight of the stone brings back memories of when Carol was briefly “The Star Sapphire, Queen of Zamarons”.

The Zamarons were a race of Amazon warriors from another planet. They believed the Carol was their next queen because she bore a strong resemblance to the previous queen. Taking up the stone from the police display case, Carol once again took on the role of Queen of the Zamaronians as she morphed into the “Star Sapphire”.

This time around, she was determined to defeat Green Lantern. So, she applied a bit of a cheat when she caused Green Lantern’s perception of time to slow down while she went after a criminal gang who was threatening Coast City. (Oooh, they came so close to inventing “frenemy”!).

Afterward, Star Sapphire received commendation from the chief of police, thus making Green Lantern look like a zhlub.

To further embarrass GL, she invented an alien invasion that she eliminated before Green Lantern was able figure what is going on.

Having defeated GL, Star Sapphire then demands that he marry her. Her agrees that he will marry her if she can remove his mask.

Any fan, of GL will tell you that GL’s mask cannot be removed because it is locked-on by the strength of his will-power.

Later when GL goes back to the hangar where the power battery is located, Star Sapphire secretly follows him. While GL is busy recharging his ring, Star Sapphire takes control of the Power Battery and uses it to pull off GL’s mask.

Being a gentleman, GL agrees to marry Star Sapphire but first he must be allowed to see who he is marrying. Removing her mask, GL says the name “Carol Ferris” and this causes Star Sapphire to revert back to Carol Ferris. Carol has no recollection of having been Star Sapphire.

GL using his ring to probe Carol’s mind, he learns that the whole thing was a setup to trap him into marriage.

Once more we are left to believe that we will see Star Sapphire again someday.