In Search of Star Sapphire – Pt. 1

I am having a fun-time reading comic books from the silver age of comic books. I am especially having fun reading the ones that I do not recall having read back in the 1960s. If I do not remember it, then it just like it is brand new. Even more, what I like about this the most is picking up on a storyline from one the DC superhero comics and trying to see if I can follow along through multiple issue appearances over the course of many years. One such storyline is that of “Star Sapphire” an antagonist from the Green Lantern series. Focusing only on the silver and bronze ages, I have traced this storyline through at least a dozen issues published between 1962 and 1980.

I count that there has been seven “Star Sapphires” beginning with the first one who appeared twice in the 1940s. She was in All-Flash Comics #32 (January 1948) and Comic Cavalcade #29 (October 1948).

Revived in 1962, the character appeared a number times throughout the Sixties and the Seventies. She survived the crisis of ’85 and now Star Sapphire continues to this day as part of the regular continuity. Here she is with Hawkgirl in Brightest Day #18 (January 2011)

She is also in other DC universes such as “Super Hero Girls”.

Yet, my focus is on the silver age (1956-1976) and the bronze age (1976-1986) of comic books. The silver age “Star Sapphire” first appeared on the cover of Green Lantern #16 in October 1962. The cover was drawn by Gil Kane and Murphy Anderson. Although there were seven other women who at one time or another became “Star Sapphire”, the main one was the alter-ego of Carol Ferris, CEO of Ferris Aircraft and love-interest of Hal “Green Lantern” Jordon.

In a story titled “The Secret Life of Star Sapphire” and written by John Broome, we learn that Carol Ferris, Green Lantern’s boss and romantic interest, is captured by a group of Amazon-like women from outer space known as the Zamarons. What follows is a battle-of-the-sexes with little bits of sexism smattered here and there.

The story opens with Carol out flying in her private airplane dubbed the “Lady Carol”. Carol is thinking about how she learned to fly from one of the employees who happens to secretly be the Green Lantern. It is while in flight that she is captured by lovely creatures from outer space known as the Zamarons.

The Zamarons tell Carol that she resembles their late ruler, The Star Sapphire. They tell her that she is to be transformed into their queen. Carol turns them down, telling them about her conflicted romantic life.

Transforming Carol into Star Sapphire, the Zamarons send her soaring into the airspace above Coast City where she is to battle the Green Lantern to prove her worthiness as the Zamaron ruler. The purpose is also to prove to her that as Queen of the Zamarons, Green Lantern is not worthy of her.

After she finds Green Lantern, he does not take her seriously and he dismisses her.

Star Sapphire then begins committing crimes in Coast City, in order to try and get Green Lantern’s attention.

Then she not only gets his attention, but she also manages to get the best of him.

However, Carol Ferris… Er, that is… Star Sapphire is not satisfied with her success and she asks if she can have one more shot at it… that is proving to the Zamarons that Green Lantern can actually defeat her. Conflicted as she is, she wants to both succeed and to fail at the same time.

Just as Green Lantern is about to defeat Carol, the Zamarons have her teleported away from the scene. They then decide to let her go and they change her back into plain old Carol Ferris.

Later, after Carol is released and the Zamarons say bye-bye to Earth. Carol is found in the desert by Green Lantern. She remembers nothing of what happened to her and we are left with the idea that we just might be seeing “Star Sapphire” again someday.

This is not the end of the story, stay tuned for more posts where I further explore the mystery of the silver age Star Sapphire.