Reads of the Week

This week I am talking about books from two new series: “Dark Knights” and “Gotham City Garage

First, there is Dark Knights: Batman the Murder Machine #1. This is a one-shot, Metal tie-in published this morning.

The stories in the Metal Series take place primarily on Earth-0 – “First World of the Multiverse”. I did not recall of ever reading of “Earth-0”, so I looked it up and in the Wikipedia article on Multiverse (DC) and it seems that ever since the Infinite Crisis event of ten years ago it is essentially where the main continuity takes place as the primary Earth. And here, all this time. I thought it was all happening on what I used to know as “Earth 1” in the Silver Age and what became “New Earth”  in the Post-Crisis DC Universe. I still have a lot of catching up to do.

This issue is drawn by Riccardo Frederici. He and the team did a beautiful job.

In this story, we are introduced to one of the universes in the Dark Multiverse – “Earth -44” Because that is “minus 44”, from now on we have to be careful about where we put the dashes.

On “Earth -44”, looks like some bad guys are doing bad stuff and one of them I recognize as Harley Quinn. It seems fitting for her to appear in this issue as she celebrated her 25th anniversary just this past week. The character first appeared in the cartoon series “Batman: The Animated Series” in September of 1992.

It begins with Batman going to Cyborg to get his help in dealing with a runaway computer virus called the “Alfred Protocol”.

I am not sure what is going on. Someone may have to explain it to me. Yet, from what I gather it is part of one great big nightmare.

I know that if I were a twelve-year-old today, the “Laughing Batman” would be giving me nightmares on a rotating basis.

Then there is Gotham City Garage #4 – This series takes place in an alternate universe. The story is about a group made up of DC female characters who have formed a resistance to President Lex Luthor and his corporate-style government. The group is a female biker gang led by Big Bertha.

The protagonist is a fledgling Super Girl named Kara Gordon. I am not sure – does this make her part Kara Zor-el and part Barbara Gordon?

I am told Hawkgirl is in here somewhere, but after four issues I have not seen her and I am thinking of canceling my subscription.

Actually, I did cancel. Maybe I will buy that one issue that has Hawkgirl on the cover, but not on the inside. I expect it because this is a thing that has been happening for decades.