Looking for Something to Read?

Looking for Something to Read? – When shopping for comics, I like picking out specific issues over a period time and across titles, that showcase the Hawkgirl character.

I think that because DC has always treated Hawkgirl as a minor character, the upside is that she appears now and then in an array of different titles. For example, she was the only superhero in the JSA that was chosen to be a temp in the JLA for seven issues in 2003. They picked her, not Hawkman.

I went to comicbookDb.com and did a search for Hawkgirl as Kendra Saunders. This popped up a list of titles from 1999 to 2010. From the chronologically ordered list, I picked out some issues that interested me. I then went and found them for sale in digital format at Comixology.

Here is what I bought…

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JSA #1 (June 1999) – 
Typical… Hawkgirl is on the cover but does not appear anywhere between the covers. I know of few instances where this has happened before. I guess that even if the character is only on the cover then he, she, or It is counted. Caveat Emptor!

Kendra “Hawkgirl” Saunders makes her first appearance in JSA #2 (July 1999).

JSA #21 through #25 (Feb 2001 to Aug 2001) – 
The first issue in the series from #21 to #25, has a great backstory of Kendra Saunders. This is followed by the Return of Hawkman story-arc.

JLA (Collection Vol. 6) Contains issue #61-76 (Feb 2002-Feb 2003) -I am mainly interested in the 7 issues (starting at #69) where Hawkgirl and some other heroes become temporary members of the Justice League to help free the core members who have become trapped three-thousand years in the past.

Justice League Elite #5 and #6 (November & December 2004) – 
Not sure what this about, but I am going to find out.

JLA #116 and #117 (July & August 2005) –
Hawkgirl is somewhere in the story and I will be on the look-out for her.

Justice Society of America (December 2006) – I do not think that Hawkgirl in this issue, but I wanted to read it anyway

Blackest Night #1 (July 2009) – This is issue is said to contain the appearance of death for Kendra Saunders