The Last Hawkgirl Cover

The Last Hawkgirl Cover – I have finally found (but not yet purchased) the last Hawkgirl cover to be considered for my collection.

Right now, I am focused on collecting only covers from either the Golden, Silver, and Bronze age of comic books. That is roughly a period from 1939 to mid-1950s, mid-Fifties to early 1970s, and the 1970s to 1985.

Discounting all of the covers from the Golden Age (10) and some covers for the early Silver age (3) that I cannot afford, plus the ones that I have already purchased (18), I have 41 covers left to purchase and 16 of those are Post-crisis and borderline Bronze age.

Because of the mega-comic book event, the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the year 1985 is considered to be the cutoff for the bronze age and before that point in time, all stories are considered to be Pre-Crisis. Yet, there is some overlap between the previous ages and now, the Modern Age of Comic Books.

Many people have forgotten the controversy caused by the Crisis of ’85

For the Hawks that overlap is very controversial and the period between 1985 and 1989 is an era in which the Hawkman continuity is called into question. Due to that many story-lines were placed in an alternate universe known as Earth-85.

The Shadow War of Hawk #1 1986

To add more controversy, the current Hawkman/Hawkgirl continuity is a big mess and much of the current “history” makes the pre-crisis, Silver-age, Earth-1 Hawks non-existent and puts the immediate post-crisis Hawks in a separate Universe. The current Hawkman/Hawkgirl history does allow for two sets of Hawks (one from Earth and one set from the planet Thanagar), but the entire Thanagarian story was rebooted 1989 (Hawkworld I & II, and Hawkman vol. 3). The story became even more confused when in the Zero Hour series in 1994, a merging of the Hawks took place. From that came another pass at retelling the story of the Hawks in a trio of JSA issues and in fourth eponymous “Hawkman” series. At one point, that series was renamed and became “Hawkgirl”.

Hawkgirl #50 (May 2006)

Given the controversy and believing that someday I will have passed the first cutoff, I decided to make the cutoff whatever last Hawkgirl cover there was is 1988.

I have found it and it was an issue that fittingly fell within the very month that my son, Aaron was born. The last Hawkgirl cover (for the sake of my collection) is issue #4 of “Power of the Atom” which was published November 1988.

Power of the Atom #4 1988

As soon as I have completed buying all of the pre-crisis covers I can afford, I will then start on the border-line post-crisis covers.