The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 10

Hawkgirl Origins-Pt.10 – This is a continuation of an exploration of the origin of Hawkgirl in the 1940s in words and pictures. In this part, we review the series as it appeared in 1947. In this post, I look at issues 79 through 90 and starting with issue 79 in January 1947, Hawkman appears on the cover in the Battle of the Birds.

In the story, Shiera needs to stop Hawkman from killing someone. However, it would not have been the first time that Hawkman had killed someone. Just by the end of the first three stories of the golden age Hawkman, back in 1940, the character had killed 5 evil-doers.

Neither Shiera, nor Hawkgirl appears in issues 80, 81, or 82. Shiera does appear in issue 83, but not as Hawkgirl.

Neither Shiera nor Hawkgirl appear in issue #84.

Both Hawkman and Hawkgirl appear on the cover of issue #85.

In this one, they go to Hollywood – the one in California.

They have fun making a motion picture.

But that does not stop them solving mysteries and fighting crime.

In issue #86 (August 1947), Shiera gets abducted by the purple pilgrim

By the way, Flash Comics #86 is where another female super hero makes her debut. The Black Canary first appeared in a Johnny Thunder story in this same issue.

In issue #87 of Flash Comics (September 1947) Hawkgirl and Hawkman meet the “Foil” and they are both on the cover. This is one of ten covers that Shiera/Hawkgirl appeared on during the Flash Comics run.

In this issue, Shiera thinks that Carter has died, but obviously, he has not and he explains why.

We see that there is a mask change (Really it was about time that their masks were made a bit more attractive!)

Also in this issue, Black Canary makes her second appearance in a Johnny Thunder story.

In issue #88 (Oct 1947) “The Ghost” (aka Ghostly Gentleman) makes his first appearance.

Black Canary appears once more in a Johnny Thunder story and now she is no longer wears a domino mask.

In issue #89 (November, 1947), the “Acrobat” is terrorizing the city.

But that is soon taken care of by Hawkman and Hawkgirl.

Issue #90 (December 1947), the Ghost returns (that was quick!).

Also, in that same issue Black Canary appears for the last time in a Johnny Thunder story.

In fact, Johnny Thunder also appears for the last time in a Johnny Thunder story in Flash Comics.

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4 thoughts on “The History of Hawkgirl – Pt. 10

  1. I notice that Hawkman, in the golden age comics, is depicted with a similar winged mask to that of his silver age incarnation. Yet, when the JSA was re-introduced in the 60s in the JLA crossover issues, the Earth 2 Hawkman is depicted with a cowl – not the winged mask. My question is was he ever drawn this way in the 40s, or was this something the silver age artist (Sekowsky) did to differentiate him from Earth 1 Hawkman?


      1. Thanks for that, D.M. That’s great knowledge! I’ve noticed that sometimes golden age atom has a full blue cowl. (it actually looks a little suffocating) but when they drew him in the silver age he as a curved bar on his head.


  2. I always think of the golden age Atom (Al Pratt) and the silver age Atom (Ray Palmer) as being totally different characters. One is a short man with great strength and the other is a normal-sized man who has the ability to shrink down to the sub-atomic level. Another thing about the golden age Atom is that at one point in the late 1940s, he changed his costume and so as he appears later, in the seventies/eighties or in the past decade, he is sometimes depicted with that “suffocating” blue cowl or with a mask that looks like a blue helmet with a red mohawk. Similar situation to the golden age Hawkman having three different looks.


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