Justice League Rebirth

As I have mentioned before, when I was a kid back in the Sixties my favorite comic book was “Justice League of America” or “JLA”. One of the reasons why I chose this one as my favorite was because with seven super-heroes (and later more) I was getting a much better deal for my 12 cents than if I bought a comic book with only one hero (or in the case of Batman and Robin, one and a half heroes).

Justice League of America #1 – November 1960

So when I saw last month (April), where DC was releasing a new series titled “Justice League America” (and actually I misread it as “Justice League of America”), I decided that I had to get in on the ground floor and I started a subscription.

Justice League America: Rebirth – April 2017

The team consists of Batman, Black Canary, Killer Frost, Lobo, the Ray, the Atom, and Vixen. This I thought was kind of an odd grouping of some heroes who originated in the 1940s (Batman, Black Canary, the Ray, & the Atom) and some from the 1980s (Killer Frost, Lobo, and Vixen). Also, Killer Frost & Lobo are former villains; making it even stranger to me. I do want to keep an open mind about this, but this group just does not feel like the JLA to me. (And what is up with the weird sexual-tension going on between Batman and Black Canary?)

Then I discovered today that this is not “The Justice League of America” as the title of this series is “Justice League America” and there is another series that started in September 2016 that is titled “Justice League: Rebirth”

There are eight members in this team. Five of whom match the original team started in 1959: Batman, Superman, Flash, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman. Additional there is Cyborg and two (?!!?) Green Lanterns – Simon and Jessica. I think Jessica is a novice Green Lantern, but I do not know much more than that.

I have some catching up to do as by today (May 19) there have been 21 issues published. I am starting with two collection volumes that collect the first 12 issues. (Justice League (2016-) Vol. 1: The Extinction Machines and Justice League (2016-) Vol. 2: Outbreak)

I feel like a 12-year kid who is once again hooked on the “JLA”.

Another reason for subscribing to the new Justice League is because I am  really interested in what DC has planned for the Justice Society of America (JSA). That is a bit of mystery and they teased us back last year around this time when we saw a 90-something year old Johnny Thunder in an asylum crying “we lost the justice society” and “its all my fault”. I am betting that when the JSA appears it will first be in a cross-over within the pages of the Justice League just like in Justice League of America #21, August 1963.

Just this past week, they teased us in Flash #22 when the original, Jay Garrick Flash from the JSA appeared for only a few seconds before he disappeared again.

On a side note, I am not looking forward to either the live action Wonder Woman in June or the JLA flick coming out later this year. I love comic books and I do not need or want to see a bunch of D-list celebs dressing in costume and make-up. How about some more animated series on CN or CW!