Even More on the Mystery Woman

In a couple of previous posts, I described being bugged because I could not figure who a character was that I saw in a large group photo. The fact that she was placed front-and-center made it all the more puzzling.

I even tried doing Google Reverse Image Search and that did not help me find her.

I later figured out that the character is Zatanna Zatara. That revelation is discussed in the post titled: “Mystery of the Mystery Woman Solved”

Now since that time, it seems like I am seeing Zatanna Zatara everywhere.

I recently started watching the WB animated series “Young Justice” on Netflix. This is a sort a twist on Teen Titans (a different series that ran for 5 seasons in the mid-2000s). I do know there is a very recent comic book series called “Young Justice”, but I do not know which one came first – the book or the show.

Anyway, in about the 4th episode, a young Zatanna joins the group and as you can see she is wearing her standard black tuxedo costume (She is 2nd from left).

Here she is in season 2 all grown up.

Then just now watching Justice League Action on the Cartoon Network, I see Zatanna in at least one episode.

Nowhere, yet have I seen the Seventies-style Zatanna with the long pony tail and the elaborate cape.

Speaking of Cartoon Network: There is another DC show on that network called “Teen Titans Go“. It has Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy. It is silly, but I have added it to my watch-list and watch it whenever I need a dose of silliness.