Mystery of the Mystery Woman Solved

In a previous post, I talked about how I was bugged because I could not figure out who the woman was standing between Power Girl and Batman as I had never seen this character before.

Figure 1 – Mystery Woman

Then tonight I saw the cover of JLA issue #171 for October, 1979. This is the issue in which JSA member Mr. Terrific dies. I do not have this issue yet. It is in the collection volume 5 of the “Crisis on Multiple Earths”. I noticed the mystery woman is on the right between Power Girl and Hawkman. Instead of wearing a red cape, it is blue, but the style is the same as the character in the large group picture.

Figure 2 – JLA #171 (Oct, 1979)

The only one who is not accounted for in my list is Zatanna Zatara. She is the mystical magician who has appeared in a number of Batman stories. Yet I have always seen her wearing her stage outfit, a very feminine tuxedo.

Figure 3 – Zantanna doing one of her magical tricks

Here she is in “Justice League” the animated series helping Batman when Wonder Woman was turned into a pig by Circe.

Figure 4 – Justice League (DCAU) Season 1/Episode 5

In the animated series, the character was voice by Juliet Landau. (See the resemblance?)

Figure 5 – Zatanna in DCAU

But apparently in seventies, when she became a member of the Justice League, she also did a costume change.

Figure 6 – Zatanna does a costume change in the JLA

Mystery solved!