Wish Upon All-Star Comics

I am currently reading volume two of the six-volume collection entitled “Crisis on Multiple Earth”. This is a collection of all of the JLA issues where the Earth-One super group came into contact with the JSA of Earth-Two. Supposedly this took place in two issues each year from 1963 to the mid-1980’s and culminated in a 12-issue special edition entitle “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. I posted earlier about how I missed out on this when I as a 30-year old thought that I had out-grown comic books.

Yet long before that had I stopped reading comic books as in the summer of 1969, my interests were suddenly changed toward other things when I saw a certain girl walking down the street in June of that year.

As it is, not only am I wanting to replace the comic book collection that my mother threw-out in 1973, I have a lot of catching up to do – at least up until 1986.

So, beside the six-volumes of issues leading up to the events of 1985/86 and the 12-issues of “crisis”, I had identified some single-issues that I must have. I am careful to check to see if any of these issues are published in any of the collections that I plan to buy. Also, I add items to the list all of the time.

Issues that I am looking for…

KEY [Y=have it, W=on wish list at ComiXology, X=not found anywhere]

Justice Society of America
(from List of Justice Society of America Members)

All Star Comics/Golden Age members

Character Real Name Joined Has? Notes
Flash Jay Garrick All Star Comics #3 Yes Founding member.

New version active on Earth-2.

Green Lantern Alan Scott Founding member.

New version active on Earth-2.

Hawkman Carter Hall Founding member.

Post-Flashpoint, Carter Hall and Katar Hol now appear to be the same person.

Sandman Weasley Dodds Founding member.

Deceased in JSA Secret Files #1.

New version active on Earth-2.

Spectre Jim Corrigan Founding member.

Earth-2 Corrigan’s spirit released from service as Spectre as witnessed in All-Star Comics #71; Earth-1 doppelganger given Spectre persona. Released from service in Spectre (vol.3) #63. Spectre force later given to deceased Green Lantern Hal Jordan in Day of Judgment. Also later released from service in Green Lantern: Rebirth #1. Later given to Gotham City Det. Crispus Allen during Infinite Crisis

New version of Corrigan introduced in Phantom Stranger Vol. 3 series.

Doctor Fate Kent Nelson Founding member.

Deceased in Fate #1.

New version referenced as deceased on Earth-2.

Hourman Rex Tyler Founding member.

Deceased in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3. Later returned to life by Hourman android when he switched places with Rex Tyler at moment of his death. Retired.

Referenced under Tyler Pharmaceuticals on Earth-2.

Atom Al Pratt Founding member.

Deceased in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #3.

New version introduced on Earth-2.

Seemingly gave his life in Earth-2: Worlds End #13.

Johnny Thunder and Thunderbolt / Johnny Thunderbolt John L. Thunder and Thunderbolt All Star Comics #6 W Transformed into combined entity (“Johnny Thunderbolt”) under the command of Jakeem Thunder.
Doctor Mid-Nite Charles McNider All Star Comics #8 W Deceased in Zero Hour: Crisis in Time #2.
Starman Ted Knight ???? Deceased in Starman (vol. 2) #72.
Wonder Woman

(Earth-2 version)

Diana All Star Comics #12 W Deleted by retcon after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pre-Crisis exploits re-acknowledged in JSA Classified #4. Faded away in Infinite Crisis #5. New version deceased in Earth-2 #1.
Mister Terrific Terry Sloane All Star Comics #24 W Deceased in Justice League of America #171. New version active on Earth-2.
Wildcat Ted Grant Sensation Comics #1

(have but contains only Wonder Woman)

New version active on Earth-2 as world heavyweight boxing champ.
Black Canary Dinah Drake All Star Comics #41 X Deceased in Secret Origins (vol. 2) #50. Post-Flashpoint, the two Black Canaries’ histories have been combined in one character.

Guests in Justice League of America / Silver Age additions

Character Real Name Joined Has? Notes

(Earth-2 version)

Dick Grayson Justice League of America #55 (also active in the “Super Squad” from All-Star Comics #58) Y

“Crisis on Multiple Earths” Vol 2

Deceased in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. Deleted by retcon after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pre-Crisis exploits re-acknowledged in JSA Classified #4.
Red Tornado John Smith/Ulthoon Justice League of America #65 W Active.

Return to All-Star Comics/Bronze Age additions

Character Real Name Joined Has? Notes
Star-Spangled Kid Sylvester Pemberton, Jr. All-Star Comics #64 (already active in the “Super Squad” from #58) W Deceased in Infinity, Inc. (vol. 1) #51.
Power Girl Karen Starr/Kara Zor-El All Star Comics #58 (1976) Y Active.

Acknowledged as Earth-2 Supergirl.


(Earth-2 version)

Helena Wayne All-Star Comics #72 W

(have #69-71)

Deceased in Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. Deleted by retcon after Crisis on Infinite Earths. Pre-Crisis exploits re-acknowledged in JSA Classified #4. New version active. Previously the Robin of Earth-2.

Justice League of America
(From List of Justice League Members)

Character Real name Joined in Has? Notes
Original team: Justice League of America
These members were featured in the team’s first appearance (The Brave and the Bold Vol. 1 #28, February–March 1960), with the incarnation they founded lasting until the mid-1980s. 
Superman Kal-El / Clark Kent The Brave and the Bold #28 Yes, in Silver Age Vol 1 Founding member.


Batman Bruce Wayne
Wonder Woman Princess Diana / Diana Prince
The Flash Barry Allen
Green Lantern Hal Jordan
Aquaman Orin / Arthur Curry
Martian Manhunter J’onn J’onzz / John Jones Founding member. Status retconned away following Flashpoint. Former member of Stormwatch.
1960s Recruits 
Green Arrow Oliver Queen Justice League of America #4 Yes, in Silver Age Vol 1 Active
Atom Ray Palmer Justice League of America #14 W Active in civilian identity as an agent of S.H.A.D.E
Hawkman Katar Hol / Carter Hall Justice League of America #31 W Retconned as the Golden Age Hawkman (JLA: Incarnations #1).


Black Canary Dinah Laurel Lance Justice League of America #74 Yes, in Crisis on Multiple Earths Vol 2 Active in Birds of Prey. (For a period, after Crisis on Infinite Earths a retcon in Secret Origins v2 #32 (November, 1988) revealed she was a founding member instead of Wonder Woman)
1970s Recruits 
Phantom Stranger Justice League of America #103 W Active.
Elongated Man Ralph Dibny Justice League of America #105 W Deceased in 52 #42. Post Flash-Point member of the Secret Six
Red Tornado Ulthoon / John Smith Justice League of America #106 W Post Flash-Point Status unknown
Hawkgirl Shayera Hol / Shiera Hall Justice League of America #146 W Retconned as the Golden Age Hawkgirl (JLA: Incarnations #1).


Zatanna Zatanna Zatara Justice League of America #161 W Active in Justice League Dark.
1980s Recruits 
Firestorm Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein Justice League of America #179 X Ronnie Raymond (with Jason Rusch) Active.

Martin Stein Deceased in Brightest Day #22.

Other Silver-Age Issues of Importance.

Title & Issue Has? Cover date Relevance
Action Comics #40 X Sep, 1941 Fist appearance of STRIPE (step-father of Star Girl?)
Action Comics #252 Y May 1959 First appearance of Supergirl (Kara Zor-El), cousin to Superman.
Action Comics vol. 1 #242 Y July 1958 Brainiac’s first appearance

(in 75 years of Superman collection )

The first appearance of Kandor, the bottle city

Adventure Comics #247 Y April 1958 First appearance of the Legion of Super-Heroes.
All-Star Comics #58 Y Feb, 1976 First appearance of Power Girl
Detective Comics #233 X July, 1956 First appearance of Katherine Kane as Batwoman
Detective Comics #485 X Sep, 1979 Death of Katherine Kane as Batwoman
Detective Comics #225 X Nov. 1955 First appearance of Martian Manhunter.
Detective Comics #327 X May 1964 “New Look” Batman and Robin.
Detective Comics #359 Y Jan. 1967 First appearance of Batgirl (Barbara Gordon).
Flash Comics #92 X Feb 1948 First appearance of Black Canary
Green Lantern #16 Y 1963 Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire (“The Secret Life of Star-Sapphire!”)
Green Lantern #83 W 1971 Carol Ferris learns GL’s secret ID
Green Lantern
vol. 1 #10
X Dec 1943 Vandal Savage first appeared
Green Lantern #76 W April 1970 “The New Green Lantern / Green Arrow” tackles social issues.
Justice League of America 1-144 X July, 1977 “The Origin of the Justice League – Minus One!”

Reference in a magazine article “Worlds Collide: A History of Marvel and DC’s Multiverses”

Justice League of America #21 Y Aug. 1963 Reappearance of the Golden Age Justice Society of America. (I think this is the one that introduces Earth-Two and Earth-One concept) – In Crisis On Multiple Earths: Vol 1
Showcase #34 X Oct. 1961 First appearance of Atom (Ray Palmer)
Showcase #4 Y Oct. 1956 First appearance of the Silver Age Flash (Barry Allen). This is the one that marks the start of the Silver Age of comic books.
Showcase #9 X Aug. 1957 First of two pilot issues for the feature “Superman’s Girl Friend, Lois Lane“.
Showcase #22 Y Oct. 1959 First appearance of Green Lantern (Hal Jordan).
Showcase #30 X Feb. 1961 First of four pilot issues for Aquaman. (I think that this is wrong. It should be Adventure Comics 260, 269, & 270 1959)
Super Friends Vol 1 #25 X Oct, 1979
The Brave and the Bold #28 Y March 1960 First gathering of DC’s superheroes as the Justice League of America.
The Brave and the Bold #34 X March 1961 First appearance of Silver Age Hawkman and Hawkgirl.
The Brave and the Bold #54 W June 1965 First appearance of the Teen Titans.
The Flash #106 W April 1959 First app of Grodd and Gorilla City
The Flash #123 Y Sept. 1961 Reappearance of the Golden Age Flash. Introduction of Earth-Two.
Wonder Woman 1-59 X 1953 The first instance in a DC or Marvel comic where the title character manages to cross over into a parallel world. Reference in a magazine article “Worlds Collide: A History of Marvel and DC’s Multiverses”>
World’s Finest #113 Y Nov, 1960 Bonnie King (Miss Arrowette) – Issue I found is incomplete and does not contain the Green Arrow story.
Superman #129 Y May, 1959 Appearance of Lori Lemaris, a mermaid friend of Superman