Crisis Averted

Back in 1985,

I was laid off from AT&T and for a few months I took a job working at Walden’s Books. I recall noticing in the comic book section that DC had published a limited series of 12 issues called “Crisis on Infinite Earths”. My days of reading comic books were over, but I did briefly think of buying these issues because I remembered that when I was comic book-reading kid that my favorite title was the Justice League of America (JLA). Although, I hesitated buying those books because I thought I would mess up and forget to buy the full set of all twelve issues and also, I thought that the stories were kind of silly. Looking back I now think that I was the one who was being silly. This is what happens when a person turns 30. Now, I have begun reading the 6-volume reprint called “Crisis on Multiple Earths”. These are collections of issues of JLA from the 60s and 70s whose stories lead-up to the stories in this collection of those 12-issues published 32 years ago.

Crisis on Multiple Earths
(JLA issues from the early 60s)
Crisis on Infinite Earths
(12-issue series from 1985)